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kids and handbags

In 2012 the focus shifted from Africa to Turkey where we got a bit braver and launched a full scale sewing project; teaching the parents of handicapped children how to produce designer tote bags!

2013 was the full production and selling of tote bags, providing income and dignity to these families. Unfortunately the project was deemed unsustainable for the long-term and was eventually shut down.

refugee family

EST: 2009

Starting off small, founders Steve and Brian took a trip to Africa in 2010, visiting local artisans in Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya. Taking samples back home, they began the process of building an online store that would host products from artisans around the world.

2010 and 2011 saw the formation of a program that linked donating individuals and businesses to various humanitarian needs around the world, as well as the selling of fair-trade products.

kenya fair trade artisans

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longing to return home

Since late 2014 Get Bridged has focused on serving the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing to Turkey, many of whom are seeking stability until it is deemed safe enough to return home.

We currently take weekly trips to several locations locally, providing staples like diapers, dried goods, clothing, shoes, firewood and more.