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1.We're on the ground, sometimes searching, sometimes being searched out, seeking valid places where we can make a difference.

Our Philosophy:

Helping those in need should be a regular part of all of our lives, yet we all tend to get bogged down in our own every-day lives.

Get Bridged was started with the desire to keep those needs in front of us on a more regular basis so that we wouldn't forget. Out of sight, out of mind is far to easy for us all, so lets do what we can to keep the needs of the world in front of us and not forge to reach out.

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3. Our goal is to connect you with an opportunity, then step back and enable you to be as involved as possible.

2. Once we have validated an opportunity we then present you with an opportunity to be a world changer.

How We Work

as a non profit organization

If you would like to donate to Get Bridged's operational expenses you can make a designated donation today!

Our Finances:

Ever since our first day back in 2009, Get Bridged has promised our donors that we would not take a percentage of their donation to cover our operating expenses.

Get Bridged has always done what we can to keep our operating expenses to a bare minimum, and we promise you that 100% of your donation* will go to exactly where you designate it. Our operational expenses are covered by separate donations.

* A small fee is often taken by credit card companies to process donations given by credit card.

Our Promise:

Get Bridged promises you that when you make a donation to any one of our designated causes 100% of your donation will go directly to that cause.

All of our staff are volunteer and all of our expenses are covered by designated donations. We want your gift to make the biggest bang for it's buck.

* A small fee is often taken by credit card companies to process donations given by credit card.

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